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You now have a new and convenient way to learn about the latest market developments and product rollouts.'s RSS news feed service enables you to stay on top of today's hottest technologies and new market developments - in real time.

RSS, which stands for Really Simple Syndication, is a news feed service that serves as your direct link to - the preferred online design resource of India and China's electronics engineers. It enables you to:

• Obtain's latest headlines, summaries and articles in real time
• Secure breaking technology news instantly and quickly as they are uploaded on's RSS news feed service is free and easy to use. The following section shows you how it works.

Receive's RSS news feed now

To receive the feed, you must have a news aggregator, which comes either as a software (i.e. FeedDemon), a web-based service (i.e. MyYahoo!), or a plug-in for existing browsers or e-mail program.

Select your preferred news aggregator from the following options. If you've chosen a software program or a plug-in, you must download it and install it on your computer before proceeding. These aggregators are all free:

• Bloglines
• FeedDemon
• Google Reader
• My Yahoo!
• NewsGator

Once completed, you should be able to start receiving breaking news and new product rollouts as they are made available on

You may contact us should you need further assistance.

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