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Dr. Ashok Jhunjhunwala mentors two forums for engineering students. Join now to discuss your final-year project issues and career plans!
• Go to Career Counselling to discuss potential employers, ask questions about tests and interviews, or get counsel on future areas of specialisation.
• Open Project Toolbox to get advice on final-year projects.

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Career Counselling
Seek advice on career planning and employment opportunities for students.
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Project Toolbox
Get ideas, seek solutions on college projects.
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Technology News
  • •  Diamond MEMS resonator surpasses 20GHz speed (06/06/16)
    The Russians have claimed a new world record in the microwave regime with a diamond substrate MEMS resonator whose speed exceeds 20GHz while maintaining a quality factor over 2,000.

  • •  Diamond chips oust saphhire for semicon ICs (17/05/16) Editor's Choice
    Startup Akhan Semiconductor expects to announce a diamond semiconductor IC in a consumer product by next year, which promises to be faster, use less power, and thinner and lighter than silicon.

  • •  2D semiconductors give solar panels, video cameras a boost (17/05/16) Top Picks
    A team of engineers found that a MoS nanocavity can increase the amount of light that optoelectronic materials absorb, which could help manufacture more powerful, efficient and flexible devices.

  • •  Fujitsu brings high-speed cyber-attack monitoring tech (16/05/16) Editor's Choice
    Fujitsu Laboratories developed the innovative technology that quickly analyses damage status after an attack has been detected, in response to rising targeted cyber-attacks on specific organisations.

  • •  AI teaching assistant answers inquiries with 97% accuracy (10/05/16) Editor's Choice
    Georgia Tech's Knowledge Based Artificial Intelligence (KBAI) course developed an AI teaching assistant (a virtual TA) implemented on IBM's Watson platform.

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