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To assist you in finding articles relevant to your work, editorial content on this site is categorised into technology rooms or channels. The channels help you quickly get to the content of your interest.

All technology rooms carry relevant technical papers and features, conference papers, and daily product and industry news published on

If you prefer to regularly visit select technology rooms, you can register here to be posted as soon as new information is added to your favourite channels. currently has 11 technology rooms:
Technology Channels Description
EDA The EDA room delivers all editorial related to IC, PCB design, IP and design reuse, and relevant automation tools.
Embedded Design Find technical papers and news related to embedded systems design here.
Signals This room provides news and tutorials to those interested in signal conditioning, DSP, amplification, noise--anything related to signals themselves.
Interface Design You will find not just connectors but editorial on designing interfaces, including what you need to know about protocols.
RF/Wireless Design Get the latest news and papers on RF and other wireless technologies.
Network Design The channel for engineers designing products for networks—wired or wireless.
Buffer/Storage Everything about data storage—memory technologies, new products and the companies that sell them.
Power Design Tutorials, application notes and news about power regulation, conversion and management.
Optoelectronics & Displays Optoelectronic components and display technologies, including those for HDTVs.
Test & Measurement All editorial related to testing of ICs, PCBs and systems, including design verification.
Manufacturing/Packaging Your information needs about IC packaging, PCB assembly and materials handling/dispensing will be satisfied here.
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