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Reach electronics engineers in India with our complete range of marketing services. Successful companies have always recognized that print advertising is just one essential aspect of the overall marketing mix. Now more than ever, effective international marketing—and certainly effective marketing in India—means companies must communicate with their prospective customers through a variety of marketing methods.

Whether you are building brand recognition, announcing a new product or conducting market research, Marketing Services allows you promotional flexibility in reaching India's elite group of Design Engineers.




Direct Mail

Article and Ad Reprints
Electronics Glossaries





Inserts are promotional materials that are bound inside the magazines. They are bound-in by using perforated strips of paper ("magna strips") that allow subscribers to easily remove your brochure or specifications reference guide in order to refer to it again and again.

We accept pre-printed inserts or we could print for you. Choose from a variety or paper sizes, paper stocks, and page quantities to achieve your marketing objectives.

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Realize your marketing goals! Onserts are brochures or flyers that are loosely placed on top of our magazines before they are wrapped in a clear polybag and mailed to subscribers. Onserts provide high visibility, as they are one of the first items the subscriber sees upon receiving the magazine.

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Get a direct response to your promotional message! Infocards, (also known as "business reply cards") are convenient, perforated response cards that appear next to your advertisement. Subscribers can easily request more information from you by tearing the infocard out of the magazine, filling-in their contact details, and sending the card directly to you.

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Direct mail and list rental
Choose a targeted segment of the Electronics Engineer subscribers' list then have us deliver your message directly to them using our direct mail service. Direct Mail is an exclusive opportunity for current EET advertisers to distribute new produce releases, invitations to events, product catalogs, and even run market research surveys! Be sure to ask about our desktop publishing, translation, and printing services that will aid your marketing materials have that "Indian" look.

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Article and ad reprints
Clients who have contributed magazine articles or companies with full-page advertisements can request reprinted copies. Reprints can be included in your company's sales kits, as presentation tools, or even distributed at trade shows. What's more is they are reprinted in the language they originally appeared in! Clients can also include specialized information in their reprints that were not included in the published article. Company logo, product specifications, and local distributors' contact details are samples of what you can add to your reprints.

You may also avail of our "e-reprint" version of your article. "E-reprint" are electronic versions of your article saved as the Internet Standard "Portable Data Format" (PDF). The new "e-reprints" have a standard rate per article and are emailed directly to you. Use "e-reprint" as part of your email direct mail campaigns, or post e-reprints on your company website for immediate access by your customers.

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Electronics glossaries
The Electronic Engineering Times – India's "Electronics Glossary" series provides engineers throughout the region with a quick reference guide to the industry's latest technical terms. The first edition had a little over 11,000 entries. In contrast, it has been updated to more than 18,000 entries, including 130 new technical terms. Each glossary contains more than 300 pages! Choose from 3 unique editions!

  • Simplified Chinese—English Electronics Glossary
  • Traditional Chinese—English Electronics Glossary
  • Promote your company as a technology enabler in India through unique glossary sponsorhips
  • English, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese Electronics Glossary

Use these high-value glossaries to promote company and product line:

  • at Indian trade shows as part of technical and customer support
  • As part of a targeted mailing to India's electronics engineers
  • As premiums and New Year's gifts for key accounts and prospects

Choose from a variety of sponsorship opportunities. Build awareness for your products while supporting the on-going education and training of India's best engineers.

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eeMail is the e-mail broadcast service that provides you with unique email access to Electronic Engineering Times – India's exclusive community of 180,000+ qualified electronics engineers. Your message is delivered to the desktops of the most influential technology professionals in India.

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eePrint delivers your handouts to your booth on time, at less cost! Perfect for trade shows in China or India!

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The eeWrap is a printed promotional band that wraps your marketing message around the center of Electronic Engineering Times – India. Your message is the first thing seen by India's engineers that month!

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Be first to deliver your marketing message with "Coverwrap". Place your marketing message on EE Times - India's inside covers.

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Questions? Please contact the office nearest you. Or e-mail

Worldwide sales offices:
Beijing Japan Taiwan
Tel: (86-10) 5927-1656 Tel: (81-3) 5659-2870 Tel: (886-2) 2712-6877 ext. 650
Fax:(86-10) 5927-1689 Fax:(81-3) 5659-2871 Fax: (886-2) 2545-6650
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