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The Keyword Search functionality assists you in quickly finding the information you need. You can choose from any of the three search options described below:

Quick Search,   Advanced Search and Search within results.

Quick Search

Please type in your desired keyword (one or multiple words or phrases) in the text box. The search will be performed in the following ways:
  1. If keywords are separated by space or commas, your results will contain either of those words, as well as both (OR search).

    For example, if your input is programmable logic, you will get results containing programmable or logic or both.

  2. If you use "+" to connect words, you will get only results containing all the keywords (AND search)

    For example, if your input is +programmable+logic (note that there is no space between + and the word), only articles containing both programmable and logic will be generated.

  3. If you enclose keywords within quotation marks, the search engine will pull up articles containing exact matches.

    For example, if you input "programmable logic", only articles containing programmable logic (in the same order that you have input the words) will show up.

Advanced Search

To narrow the number of results, you may use Advanced Search. On the Advanced Search page, input your keywords separated by space or comma. Then choose any of the three options: Match All Words, Match Any Word or Exact Search.
  1. Match ALL words (AND):
    If you select this option, the search results will contain all the keywords you input.

  2. Match ANY words (OR):
    If you select this option, search results will contain any and all of the keywords you input.

  3. Exact search:
    In this case, only articles containing exactly the same keywords will be included in the results.

By selecting the appropriate option under Occurrences, you can target your search to keywords occurring only in the title or the entire article. Further narrow down your search by selecting the period when the article was posted or the exact month and year when the article was posted. If you select both, the search engine will search for your keywords only among articles posted in that particular month. You can also choose the article type and the technology section to limit your search results.

Search within results

After you get a set of results, refine your search using this functionality. This will help you get the best search results.

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