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  1. Overview to Electronic Engineering Times – Asia (formerly Asian Sources Electronics Engineer)

  2. Editorial Mission and Overview

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Overview to Electronic Engineering Times – Asia
(formerly Asian Sources Electronics Engineer)

Launched in 1987 as Asian Sources Electronics Engineer, today Electronic Engineering Times – Asia is the region's market leader. As Asia and China's leading design title, the monthly publication reaches 76,010* subscribers in mainland China, Taiwan, South Korea and the ASEAN countries. In China, 48,480* engineers subscribe to the China edition of Electronic Engineering Times – Asia.

(*BPA December 2005 audit pending)

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Editorial Mission and Overview

Electronic Engineering Times – Asia serves Asia and China's electronic engineering community by delivering the latest industry and technology trends and explaining how those trends impact the engineering realities of the region. By delivering relevant information at a time and in a format that's appropriate to this community's current design needs, Electronic Engineering Times – Asia better prepares the region's engineers to compete in today's fast-changing technology marketplace.

The print edition of Electronic Engineering Times – Asia is Asia and China's leading technical publication. It fills the engineering community's on-going need for trends-analysis and "how-to" application that can be referred to again and again. Our editorial teams are based in key regional high-tech centers. Our editors work closely with an array of international journalists and industry experts to provide analysis of industry and technology trends. They cut through the industry clutter to explain what these trends mean for Asia and how the region's engineers can utilize this information in their designs today. Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean and English editions ensure that this information is available in the language of their choice.

Electronic Engineering Times – Asia Online ( is the only network of websites devoted exclusively to serving electronics engineers in Asia and China. And it's the only family of engineering websites available in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean and English. The sites enable the region's engineers to stay "wired" to the latest industry and technology trends—24/7. The sites feature concise, simply written industry news and product updates published daily and delivered via a customized email news service. Engineers can perform keyword searches of online technical libraries and specialized "technology rooms" to find the right information easier and faster. Separate sections on design, test and production technologies allow users to quickly locate a specific solution within these categories. Design contests and opinion polls invite Asia's growing electronics engineering community to compete professionally and share their ideas.
The eeEvents series provides a unique, face-to-face instructional opportunity for engineers in Asia and China. These specialized technical events bring together the region's engineers with international technology companies. In a hands-on training environment of conferences and exhibitions, they discuss the latest in design technology, techniques and solutions.

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Electronic Engineering Times – Asia reaches 76,010* key engineering decision makers covering all sector's of Asia and China's dynamic electronics industry—from large multinationals to smaller, emerging "start-ups". Target your marketing message in individual country editions (Mainland China, Taiwan, South Korea, ASEAN) or promote your products and services across the region. Contact us for complete breakdown of our circulation and a copy of our most recent BPA audit statement.

(*BPA December 2005 audit pending)

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Technical Event and Marketing Programs

Visit the eeEvents page of this site for more details on event marketing and sponsorship opportunities. The Marketing Services page explains how you can reach the targeted circulation of Electronic Engineering Times – Asia through professional insert/onsert programs, direct marketing campaigns, and business reply card promotions, and e-mail programs.

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