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Papers in Technical Archives and Application Notes are saved in Portable Document Format (PDF). You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files. If you do not already have this software, download it FREE at

Help Topics
  • Paging through a document
  • Various document "Views"
  • Basic Acrobat Toolbox
  • Printing PDF documents
  • Configuring Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows
  • Configuring Netscape for Windows

  • Paging through a document
    Forward and back buttons
    The forward and back buttons move you from page to page in the desired "direction" within a PDF document.

    Pagination indicator
    The pagination indicator shows your location within a document relative to the total number of pages. For example, 2 of 6 indicates you are on page 2 of an six-page article.

    Beginning and end buttons
    The beginning and end buttons move you to the first page or last page of a PDF document.

    Forward and backward in viewing order
    The backward in viewing order and forward in viewing order buttons move you backward or forward within a PDF document, depending on the order of viewing. For example, if you view page 2, then page 11, use of the "backward in viewing order" button will take you from page 11 to page 2 (not 10).

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    Various document "Views"
    Page view
    The page view button allows you to view a single page of a PDF document.

    Bookmark view
    The bookmark view button allows you to navigate a document via a clickable "Table of Contents" that is displayed in a separate window. This feature is not available for Technical Archives.

    Thumbnail view
    The thumbnail view button allows you to navigate a document via smaller versions of the pages that are displayed in a separate window. You can select a thumbnail and "jump" to the page selected.

    Note, however, that we have not created thumbnails for Technical Archives in order to reduce file size and download time.

    Page sizing
    The page sizing buttons allow you (from left to right) to view the page actual size (100%), to view the page in fit page mode (scales the page to fit within the window), and to view the page in fit width mode [scales the page to fit the width of the window; selecting this button and the Option (Macintosh) or Control (Windows) key fills the window with only the visible text and graphics on the page].

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    Basic Acrobat Toolbox
    Open file
    The open folder button allows you to open any PDF file that has been saved to disk for printing or viewing.

    The print button allows you to print any PDF file.

    The hand button allows you to scroll horizontally (left-right) or vertically (up-down) within a document.

    The zoom in and zoom out buttons allow you to enlarge or reduce the size of the document page being displayed.

    The copy text button allows you to copy text from the page currently displayed.

    The find button allows the user to search for a keyword within the entire document currently displayed.

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    Printing PDF documents
    We recommend selecting the Shrink to Fit option. Once this option is selected it will persist across invocations of the Acrobat software you don't have to select it each time you print. If the file doesn't need to be shrunk, it is not affected.

    Select shrink to fit

    Printing PDF's using the Acrobat Reader helper application
    From the pull-down menu, select:

    1. File
    2. Print
    3. In the bottom left corner, select Shrink to Fit
    4. Select "OK"

    Printing PDF's using the Acrobat Reader Plug-in
    From the Acrobat tool bar:

    1. Click on the printer icon
    2. In the bottom left corner, select Shrink to Fit
    3. Select "OK"
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