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eMedia India takes global brand, content and e-commerce services to India's booming technology market

eMedia India Ltd, is a joint venture between Global Sources and TechInsights, a division of United Business Media Ltd. The company provides new technology content, media and e-commerce services to the 150,000-plus technology decision-makers that drive India's booming technology market.

The joint venture is 60% owned by Global Sources and 40% owned by TechInsights. It builds on Global Sources' local market-leading brands, and more than 40 content and sales representative locations throughout the region.

Through its business and technical events, publications and online products, eMedia India leads in providing India's electronics community with the business and technical information they need to remain competitive.

Electronic Engineering Times-India ( serves the electronic engineering community in India with the latest industry and technology trends and explains those trends at a time and in a format that's appropriate for this community's current design needs.

Published monthly, Electronics Supply & Manufacturing-China ( serves senior, decision-making management in China's electronics industry with timely market, product and technology intelligence that helps them develop and execute successful procurement, production and supply-chain management strategies.

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