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White LED flash drivers brighten DSCs 2008-09-16
Choosing the right LED flash driver can seem like a daunting task if certain types of questions are not addressed early in the design cycle. By examining some issues and concerns early, many future headaches can be prevented.  
Using current source drivers to boost series-connected LED output 2007-04-20
This article examines the design of a constant-current LED driver that can be used for driving a string of series-connected LEDs.  
Use inductive converter LED drivers 2008-02-01
Mid-size LCD panel applications and devices with LCD backlighting require LED drivers to deliver a regulated current to the LEDs across all operating conditions to achieve maximum efficiency and display quality  
Use buck-boost LED drivers for automotive headlamp 2013-06-11
In order to ensure optimal performance and long operating life, LEDs require an effective drive circuit.  
Transition from CCFT- to LED-backlit LCD modules 2013-03-20
Know the various benefits of LED backlights over cold cathode fluorescent tubes for displays  
Suit LED driver architecture for the application 2013-12-19
Learn about LED driver architectures and how they affect the performance of a lighting application.  
Solutions for powering LED luminaires 2012-12-27
Workarounds needed to fulfil the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility can mar the reliability and efficiency of power circuits in LED luminaires  
Selecting off-line LED driver topologies 2012-05-14
Here are topology recommendations in three different power ranges of off-line LED driver applications.  
Selecting and designing a LED driver 2004-07-16
The article analyzes the choices, constraints and trade-offs on selecting white LED drivers for portable consumer devices  
Reduce eyestrain with LED soft-start 2009-04-16
Read about an LED-driver IC with thermal-foldback protection to emulate the natural soft start of an incandescent bulb.  
Providing protection to LED drivers 2009-07-21
LEDs often serve as the light source in a backlighted display. Here's how to provide protection to LED drivers  
Power factor regulation, dimming with LED driver 2009-02-17
Read about a power-factor-regulated circuit that can also implement dimming function.  
Power conversion prospects in solar-powered LED Lighting 2012-08-06
A solid power-conversion strategy paves the way for rapid development and deployment of solutions that utilise the latest technologies.  
Maximise battery life with smaller LED drivers 2007-03-23
The advantages of charge pumps over inductive boost solutions for driving miniature LEDs are their compact size, ease of implementation and low noise.  
Managing operating trade-offs in flyback LED drivers 2011-11-11
Learn about the role and implementation of the flyback topology in LED-based light fixtures  
Making LED bulbs dimmable 2014-08-18
Many LED lamps are advertised as dimmable, yet many of them is unimpressive with varying results depending on the dimmer used and circuit loading. Here's how to make these bulbs truly dimmable  
LED-driver level-shifter includes fault detection 2007-10-18
Overcome the drawback of loss of fault detection in LED-string drive  
LED street lighting enables lower GHG emissions 2015-01-13
Read about the recent developments and efforts in the field of street lighting, which lead to not only energy savings, but also reduced greenhouse gas emissions.  
LED driving techniques for LCD TV power reduction 2013-02-14
Recent design techniques in LED driver circuits tout significant energy savings that will go a long way to helping TV manufacturers meet the tough requirements for power consumption.  
Integrate SMPS control in LED applications 2008-07-15
This article discusses how to incorporate the feedback and control circuitry for the SMPs into the MCU.  
Inside an A19 LED bulb 2011-08-08
Independent lab MuAnalysis Inc. looks inside A19 LED bulbs to understand what makes these so expensive  
How to save power on LED drivers for traffic, message signs 2009-09-24
As the LED brightness is adjusted by current, a constant current LED driver is necessary to keep uniform LED brightness.  
How to implement small LCD backlighting--LED driver considerations 2007-10-04
Here are several do's and don'ts, requirements and considerations, all surrounding LCD backlighting for handsets.  
How to design a microcontroller-based three-channel LED driver (1) 2008-01-09
A microcontroller-based current-mode supply can effectively drive light-emitting diodes (LEDs).  
How to design a microcontroller-based three-channel LED driver 2008-01-11
A microcontroller-based current-mode supply can effectively drive LEDs.  
How green are AC mains-dimmable LED lamps 2011-10-07
Here's a comparison between the 60 W incandescent lamp and two commercially available mains dimmable LED lamp  
Exposing LED bulb design trends and architecture 2013-03-15
This LED bulb teardown provides a look at some of the design trends in LED lighting, such as how the LEDs are placed within the bulb and what driver architecture is used.  
Enhance UI in appliances using LED 2011-08-15
Know the tradeoffs when integrating LEDs in today's smart appliances to achieve an advanced user interface and a high-end aesthetic.  
Drive LED directly from electronic ballast (Part 1 2014-02-14
Part 1 describes an AC/DC converter without active LED current control  
Designing LED signage and matrix display (Part 2 2014-09-18
Here's a detailed look at the essential technical principles of LED display systems and the features becoming commonly available on advanced LED display driver ICs.  

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