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NXP rolls out robust, power-efficient NFC frontend device 2016-01-05
The PN5180 claims to deliver four times more output power than the PN512 and is designed to enable modern readers for contactless payment without the need of an additional booster.  
10 most popular products of 2015 2015-12-22
EE Times India reviewed some of the biggest products developed by semiconductor companies in 2015 and picked 10 that made the strongest impression to our readers.  
Freescale delivers integrated battery cell controllers 2015-10-13
In addition to 14V Li-ion battery packs, the MC33772 is well suited for reducing system electronics BOM cost in a broad range of automotive and industrial battery management applications.  
Braking control ICs geared for motorcycles, scooters 2015-10-08
The 7mm x 7mm SB0400 and SB0401 from Freescale claim to reduce system design efforts and enable easy implementation for designers and manufacturers of electronic control units.  
Freescale touts quad multicore processors for network edge 2015-07-29
With its newest QorIQ network processor offering, Freescale is making a move to establish its leadership the "network edge" in customer premise equipment and Internet Service Provider systems.  
Freescale delivers S32K for low-end car functions 2015-06-24
Freescale has created a new 32bit ARM-based hardware platform, the S32K, for automotive applications which can perform about 30 per cent of the operations needed in a modern car.  
Watch out for XeThru technology 2015-05-05
Novelda, provider of impulse radar solutions, is seeking to move up the food chain by investing $12 million into its XeThru technology to develop more modules as well as a next-generation radar IC.  
MEMS tire pressure monitors to herald advent of smart tires 2015-04-30
Freescale uses standard inexpensive surface machining to realise a tire pressure monitor that uses capacitance to be much more accurate than the bulk-machined or surface machines tire pressure sensors.  
Synopsys, Freescale help speed up automotive projects 2015-03-06
A virtualiser development kit by Synopys optimises Freescale's S32V200 MCU family to help designers speed up their automotive system projects and deliver high-quality results to market.  
Benchmark puts pressure on 32-, 64bit processors 2015-03-02
The EEMBC releases CoreMark-Pro, suite of benchmarks targeting 32- and 64bit processors. The suite provides a much richer set of metrics for high-end chips and supports Android-based systems.  
ARM starter kit brings smart devices to the cloud 2015-02-25
The IoT Starter Kit consists of an ARM mbed-enabled development board from Freescale, powered by an ARM Cortex-M4 based processor, together with a sensor IO application shield.  
Virtual prototyping kits optimise embedded designs 2015-01-23
The VPKs from Mentor target automotive in-vehicle infotainment (IVI), electronic control unit (ECU) networks, medical and industrial, networking, and military and aerospace product development.  
CoM with ARM Cortex A9 processor runs up to 1.2GHz 2014-12-01
The eSOMiMX6 from e-con Systems is a system-on-module that includes eMMC Flash with capacity ranges from 4-64GB and 64bit LVDDR3 with capacity as low as 256MB to as high as 2GB.  
Freescale makes headway in car safety, IoT 2014-11-10
The company released its comprehensive Internet of Things system to offer automotive-grade Ethernet connectivity for in-car infotainment and tire pressure monitoring to ensure vehicle safety.  
Supercharged MCU eyes to make IoT smarter 2014-09-24
The next generation 32bit processor core is designed to bring more computing power to embedded devices. Cortex-M7 can power appliances, edge routers, automotive, sensor hubs and even industrial controls.  
Freescale rolls out Li-ion battery cell controller 2014-09-19
Freescale's MC33771 battery cell controller and companion MC33664 isolated communications interface deliver reliable performance for 48V battery systems, enabling economical scalability beyond 1kV.  
Charge phones wirelessly inside your car 2014-08-29
The automotive-ready reference design is built around the MLX90132 NFC transceiver IC of Melexis and the MWCT1003AVLH controller IC from Freescale.  
I'M develops first 8Gb DDR3 components 2014-07-14
The 8Gb components and 16GB modules have been verified to be compatible with processors and microcontrollers from AMD, Cavium, Freescale, Tilera, and many others.  
SolidRun intros credit card-sized computer for loT 2014-07-03
The HummingBoard was developed as a small and powerful, low-cost ARM computer, and offers design flexibility and multiple connectivity options.  
Dev't suite extends support for Freescale automotive processors 2014-05-30
The Green Hills software spans both the Power Architecture and ARM Cortex architectures with the MULTI IDE and multicore debugger, optimising compilers, TimeMachine trace suite and processor probes.  
Car battery sensor combines 16/32bit MCU, CAN 2014-04-15
The MM9Z1J638 battery sensor from Freescale measures key battery parameters for monitoring state of health (SOH), state of charge (SOC) and state of function (SOF) for early failure prediction.  
Freescale intros low-cost floating point MCUs 2014-04-11
Priced under $0.80, the devices claim to deliver up to 180MHz of performance, a floating point unit with 8KB I/D cache, 2MB Flash and 256KB SRAM.  
Freescale MCU brings HUD to economy-tier cars 2014-04-11
Freescale touts its MAC57D5xx MCU line could enable designers to bring graphical instrument clusters and head-up displays to volume vehicle.  
2W PA with 40dB gain supports up to 2700MHz 2014-03-31
Freescale's MMZ25333B works with any cellular standard operating between 1500MHz and 2700MHz including GSM, 3G, 4G and LTE.  
SMT RF module extends IoT connections 2014-03-03
The ConnectCore 6 requires no connectors, reduces manufacturing costs and makes it easier than ever to add wireless capabilities to portable devices.  
Freescale flaunts world's smallest 32bit ARM-based MCU 2014-02-27
The Kinetis KL03 MCU is available in a 1.6 x 2mm package, representing a 15 percent smaller package than the earlier Kinetis KL02 MCU.  
Spansion to unleash bus interface for cars 2014-02-20
The company claims that the HyberBus interface offers low latency, high read throughput and low pin-count.  
Debugging tool targets embedded multicore SoCs 2014-01-29
PLS Programmierbare Logik & Systeme's UDE 4.2 touts enhanced control and test methods for a range of 32bit multicore SoCs and optimized visualization options during system level testing.  
Freescale debuts wearable design platform 2014-01-08
The solution offered by Freescale underscores both incumbents' and non-branded OEMs' half-heartedness towards taking huge strides in the still uncharted territory of wearable device market.  
C compiler for Power Architecture targets car app dev't 2013-12-19
The TASKING C compiler brings device support for the MPC56xx and SPC56x MCU series, and supports the Power Architecture based MCUs from the Freescale Qorivva/5xxx series and ST's SPC5 series.  

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