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  • TV panel oversupply drags down prices, says analyst (06/05/15)
    IHS revealed that LCD TV panel production/demand ratio rose from 2 per cent undersupply in 3Q14 to four per cent over-supply in 1Q15 and is expected to continue growing to 6 per cent in 2Q15.

  • 3 Cs to boost IC consumption in 2015 (30/04/15)
    The communications, computers and consumer electronics sectors are set to be responsible for more than 70 per cent of IC sales in every geographic region in 2015, according to IC Insights.

  • Chinese suppliers dominate solar PV module market in 2014 (27/04/15)
    The new PV Integrated Market Tracker from IHS reveals that seven of the top 10 module suppliers are based in China, two are based in Japan and one in the United States.

  • Power electronics market to hit $18.26B by 2020 (17/04/15)
    According to Yole, electric cars will drive the growth in the power electronics market, while Chinese companies will set the stage for a major shift in the industry.

  • LCD TV shipments growth slows down in 2015 (15/04/15)
    Many countries are facing rising economic headwinds, especially currency deflation, which will cause retail prices for TVs to fall more slowly and perhaps result in some price increases.

  • Total solar PV capacity to approach 500GW in 2019 (23/03/15)
    IHS forecast that the overall global solar PV demand will grow steadily, enabling the large number of discrete country markets at the gigawatt-level to help control demand instability.

  • Synergy is the name of the game: NXP-Freescale behemoth (19/03/15)
    IHS revealed that the acquisition of Freescale by NXP will catapult the merged entity to become the world's eighth-largest chipmaker, which would surely make a noticeable impact in key industrial sectors.

  • Samsung, LG, Sony could displace smaller TV players (04/03/15)
    The companies gained market share and increased their YoY shares of LCD TV shipments by roughly 11 per cent in 2014, consequently expanding their influence over certain panel sizes this year, said IHS.

  • Car, smartphone display revenue hits $848M in 2014 (24/02/15)
    As smartphones eat away at product sales in other small and medium flat-panel-display categories, car display revenues climbed to become the second-highest growth category in 2014, reported IHS.

  • MEMS surge: Defence sector lifts IMU, gyro space (18/02/15)
    The robust defence and commercial aerospace markets are driving demand for MEMS, while low-cost emerging MEMS are fuelling growth of the IMU market and opening doors for novel applications.

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