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Tech Watch keeps an eye out on the latest developments in fundamental technology--the science and the building blocks that could eventually find their way into your electronics design projects. Learn about significant strides in R&D and investment of resources in domains that can impact the electronics industry.
  • Sputtering method makes GaN LED prod'n cheaper (27/06/14)
    University of Tokyo researchers unveiled a technology for creating GaN LEDs on glass substrate that could not only reduce manufacturing costs but also help to develop OLED light panels.

  • Raman scattering key to next-gen laser optical comms (24/06/14)
    UEC researchers reported on the realisation of ultrashort pulse trains of 1.8fs in duration and repetition frequency of 125THz by stimulated Raman scattering produced in parahydrogen.

  • MIT team develops 36-core chip (24/06/14)
    The researchers' 36-core chip is "tiled," meaning that it simply repeats the same circuit layout 36 times, making multicore chips much easier to design.

  • Carbon nanotube, TFT hybrid could replace silicon (19/06/14)
    Researchers from USC Viterbi School of Engineering developed what they say is a flexible, energy-efficient hybrid circuit combining carbon nanotube thin film transistors with other thin film transistors.

  • Novel fuel cells bring efficient power for cars, planes (18/06/14)
    Researchers at the Washington State University developed what they claim as the first fuel cell that can directly convert fuels, such as jet fuel or gasoline, to electricity.

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