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Tech Watch keeps an eye out on the latest developments in fundamental technology--the science and the building blocks that could eventually find their way into your electronics design projects. Learn about significant strides in R&D and investment of resources in domains that can impact the electronics industry.
  • Phosphor enhances the reds in LEDs (29/07/14)
    GE's use of the PFS phosphor in LED systems generates a reddish colour that is sharper, cleaner and truer compared to nitride phosphor—resulting in less colour bleed and a richer picture in displays.

  • Topological insulator helps flip magnetisation in memory (28/07/14)
    Bismuth selenide topological insulators aid in having electrical currents exert a torque on an adjacent magnetic layer, which could lead to memory technologies that use the least possible energy.

  • Hybrid nanowires feature implanted InAs crystals into Si (25/07/14)
    The embedding of indium arsenide crystals into silicon nanowires is achieved through implantation and annealing—carried out using ion beam synthesis and heat treatment with xenon flash-lamps.

  • Researchers develop frequency comb-based atomic clock (24/07/14)
    The microcomb clock is the first demonstration of all-optical control of the microcomb, and its accurate conversion of optical frequencies to lower microwave frequencies.

  • Self-cooling solar cell lasts longer (24/07/14)
    By embedding tiny pyramid- and cone-shaped structures on a very thin layer of silica glass, Stanford researchers found a way of redirecting unwanted IR heat from the surface of solar cells, through the atmosphere, and back into space.

  • Force illusions seen to drive wearables adoption (23/07/14)
    Two Japanese researchers developed force display devices, called Traxion and Buru-Navi3, which exploit the fact that a vibrating object is perceived as either pulling or pushing when held.

  • Roughened glass surface cuts glare, reflection in display (21/07/14)
    The method involves etching nano-size teeth into the surface to scatter light and ward off glare, but without hurting the glass' transparency.

  • Touchscreen to feature display with texture (18/07/14)
    When sliding your fingers across the display, this surface haptic effect reproduces skin sensations as if you were tracing actual objects on the display. The current prototype is able to emulate a given texture within an area covering multiple electrodes.

  • Nano-pixels open path for flexible, high-res displays (17/07/14)
    Manipulation of phase change materials could lead to low-energy, foldable screens for applications such as smart glasses and synthetic retinas, according to Oxford University Professor Harish Bhaskaran who led the research.

  • Nano-sized SiO electrodes to advance Li-ion cells (16/07/14)
    A group of researchers found industrial potential to produce nano-sized composite silicon-based powders as negative electrodes for the next generation lithium ion batteries.

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