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Tech Watch keeps an eye out on the latest developments in fundamental technology--the science and the building blocks that could eventually find their way into your electronics design projects. Learn about significant strides in R&D and investment of resources in domains that can impact the electronics industry.
  • Computational screening speeds up next-gen battery discovery (20/04/15)
    Scientists at the Berkeley Lab are positive that they can take some of the guesswork out of finding a new breakthrough battery using their electrolyte genome, a computational screening of molecules that can accelerate electrolyte discovery.

  • High-capacity hybrid supercapacitor boasts fast recharge (08/04/15)
    UCLA CNSI researchers developed a hybrid supercapacitor that surpasses thin-film lithium batteries in terms of capacity and recharge speed, and can perform more than 10,000 recharge cycles.

  • Qualcomm's 3D SoCs to be built on single layered die (07/04/15)
    The future of three-dimensional (3D) very large scale integration (VLSI) for system-on-chips (SoCs) will not stack die connected by through-silicon-vias (TSVs), but will build them on a single layered die, according to Qualcomm.

  • Software shows simultaneous power grid EV charging capacity (07/04/15)
    Fraunhofer IOSB researchers developed a prototype software programme that shows how much load a power grid's low voltage network can handle without pushing it to its limits.

  • Need precious metals? Let's talk poop! (27/03/15)
    A team of researchers that is set to present at this year's American Chemical Society meeting is working at identifying the metals that are getting flushed and how they can be recovered.

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