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Tech Watch keeps an eye out on the latest developments in fundamental technology--the science and the building blocks that could eventually find their way into your electronics design projects. Learn about significant strides in R&D and investment of resources in domains that can impact the electronics industry.
  • Telco concept digitises living cell data on microfluidic chip (26/04/16) Top Picks
    Georgia Tech researchers used a circuit pattern with just three electrodes to assign a unique 7bit digital identification number to each cell passing through the channels on the microfluidic chip.

  • Fireflies light path towards efficient OLEDs (25/04/16) Top Picks
    KAIST researchers replicated the patterns of a firefly's light-emitting cuticle to create a bioinspired OLED that achieves a 60 per cent increase in the light extraction efficiency.

  • Quantum dots amplify solar cell output (20/04/16) Editor's Choice
    The researchers call their material a hybrid because they dope the electrical conductivity of layered tin disulfide semiconductor with the light harvesting of different spectrums of light from various sized quantum dots.

  • Wearable electronics bring computers in your clothes (18/04/16) Editor's Choice
    Ohio State University researchers are developing embroidered antennas and circuits with 0.1mm precision to integrate electronic components, such as sensors and computer memory devices, into clothing.

  • NXP releases four new LDMOS transistors for defense systems (12/04/16)
    The high RF output power from the new transistors utilised by the U.S. Department of Defense helps reduce size, weight and power of its platforms by allowing amplifiers to use fewer devices.

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