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Dissect popular electronics products to find out what makes them tick.
  • Inside Mr. Coffee: Simple, effective design (09/01/15) Editor's Choice
    This coffee machine satisfies various conflicting design demands such as performance, user features, cost, and safety approvals, but it also serves as a parts source and even a temperature controller.

  • iPad Air 2 much the same with one-dollar BoM difference (29/10/14)
    The 16GB Wi-Fi-only version of the Apple iPad Air 2 carries a bill of materials of $270, just a dollar higher compared to its 16GB predecessor.

  • Smoking without tar: Looking inside e-cigarette (28/10/14)
    Most electronic cigarettes are shaped like a conventional cigarette, though some are shaped like a pipe. But regardless of the form, they all contain standardised replaceable parts including atomiser, power source and air flow sensor.

  • Tearing down Tesla Model S: Is it a car or an iPad? (16/10/14)
    The car's uniqueness runs far deeper than its electric drivetrain, battery packs and futuristic body. It goes all the way down to the electronics behind the car's infotainment and instrumentation.

  • Intel's eDRAM and the new age of cache memory (25/08/14)
    As SRAM is quite costly to produce, the industry is looking for an alternative, and Intel's Embedded DRAM is an intriguing option. This article examines this technology and its potential.

  • Frame, LCOS display priciest Google Glass components (15/05/14) Editor's Choice
    Most of the ICs in Google Glass are mature when compared with recent flagship smartphone designs, according to a teardown by IHS Technology.

  • TI's OMAP 4430 chip powers Google Glass (06/05/14)
    Google Glass is running on Texas Instruments' OMAP 4430 processor. The OMAP 4430 architecture observed by is presently an end-of-life/obsolete solution.

  • Galaxy S5 BOM clocks in at over $250 (17/04/14) Editor's Choice
    The latest in Samsung's flagship line is more expensive than other high-end smartphones, such as the 32GB iPhone 5S, which carried a $207 BOM based on an IHS pricing estimate.

  • Galaxy S5 teardown reveals multitude of sensors (08/04/14)
    The Galaxy S5 is loaded with sensors that it lists a class-best functionality by cramming all the following into its tiny chassis, according to

  • A7 fabricated via Samsung's 28nm HKMG process (23/01/14) Editor's Choice
    Sinjin Dixon-Warren of Chipworks tackles the front end of line transistor structure used in the A7, with comparison to advanced technologies used by both Apple and other vendors.

  • Teardown: Inside Samsung Galaxy S4 (02/05/13) Editor's Choice
    The Galaxy S4 is an improvement over its predecessor, but are those improvements enough to convince customers to shell out Rs.41,500?

  • Samsung Galaxy S4 costs Rs.12,700 to build (22/03/13)
    Samsung's latest Galaxy S4 smartphone costs Rs.12,688.17 ($236) to make, 15% more than the equivalent Galaxy S III, according to an IHS iSuppli teardown.

  • Exposing LED bulb design trends and architecture (15/03/13)
    This LED bulb teardown provides a look at some of the design trends in LED lighting, such as how the LEDs are placed within the bulb and what driver architecture is used.

  • Teardown: BlackBerry Z10 (13/02/13)
    According to UBM TechInsights' teardown, the BlackBerry Z10 is much like the LTE version of Samsung Galaxy S3…so are you planning to buy it?

  • Ripping the covers of Microsoft Surface (12/11/12)
    iFixit has conducted a tear down of Microsoft Surface to see if its innards are up to snuff.

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