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  • Boost productivity through reusable APIs (08/02/16)
    An application program interface should be developed in such a way that it is easily extendable to cover new features without having to rewrite the API from scratch or perform a drastic overhaul.

  • Chasing China's 'Big Fund' (21/01/16) Editor's Choice
    The details of a wining model for a new China chip venture are unclear. But there's no doubt executives are going through tough negotiations in hopes of winning China's tech equivalent of Powerball.

  • Car exec shares his take on the future of car design (19/01/16) Editor's Choice
    Klaus Meder, president of automotive electronics at Bosch, discussed how trends in car design will affect whether tomorrow's vehicles will be fully internet connected or will run on renewable energy.

  • Low-power pedestrian navigation IC operates without GPS (08/01/16) Editor's Choice
    The SENtrace from PNI Sensor works using the company's embedded algorithms, and enables existing ultra-low power inertial sensors to track users when there is little or no GPS signal available.

  • Audio sol'n takes smart home control to new heights (08/01/16) Editor's Choice
    One of the solutions that Conexant unveiled, which is a member of the AudioSmart family, is the RoomAware Optimiser, a processing solution to enhance the listener experience with TV speakers.

  • How will IoT fare in 2016? (16/12/15) Editor's Choice
    In the coming year, the IoT market will mature to deliver more adaptable solutions in contrast to many closed, proprietary first-generation offerings.

  • What will boost silicon innovation? (15/12/15) Editor's Choice
    The largest challenge the semiconductor industry faces today is slowing silicon innovation. The process for developing and executing new ideas is now longer and more capital intensive than ever.

  • Power tech to combat climate change (07/12/15) Editor's Choice
    Today we have the ability to sell excess energy to the grid, but storing grid-sized excess energy is still the most outstanding problem facing both renewable energy sources and the grid itself.

  • Cypress CEO talks about IoT, mergers, company plans (07/12/15) Editor's Choice
    T.J. Rodgers said the semiconductor industry's merger mania could continue another two years, with chip companies executing more than 18 M&A transactions over $100 million in the past year.

  • Quality programming: How do you measure up? (18/11/15) Editor's Choice
    Programmers inject 120.8 defects per 1000 lines of code on average, which underlines the fact that the quality of software can in fact be quantified.

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