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Lecture 27
Networked Embedded System (Part 4)

Lecture 3
Measurement Systems Characteristics

Lecture 4
Temperature Measurement

Lecture 5
Pressure, Force and Torque Sensors

Lecture 6
Motion Sensing

Lecture 7
Flow Measurement

Lecture 8
Signal Conditioning (Part 1)

Lecture 16
Special Control Structures

Lecture 1
Introduction to MEMS & Microsystems

Lecture 2
Introduction to Microsensors

Lecture 3
Evaluation of MEMS, Microsensors, Market Survey

Lecture 4
Application of MEMS

Lecture 5
MEMS Materials

Lecture 6
MEMS Materials Properties (Part 1)

Lecture 7
MEMS Materials Properties (Part 2)

Lecture 8
Microelectronic Technology for MEMS

Lecture 9
Microelectronic Technology for MEMS

Lecture 10
Micromachining Technology for MEMS

Lecture 11
Micromachining Process

Lecture 12
Etch Stop Techniques and Microstructure

Lecture 13
Surface and Quartz Micromachining

Lecture 14
Fabrication of Micromachined Microstructure

Lecture 16
MEMS Microsensors Thermal Sensors

Lecture 17
Micromachined Microsensors - Mechanical

Lecture 18
MEMS Pressure and Flow Sensor

Lecture 19
Micromachined Flow Sensors

Lecture 20
MEMS Inertial Sensors

Lecture 21
Micromachined Microaccelerometers for MEMS

Lecture 22
MEMS Accelerometers for Avionics

Lecture 23
Temperature Drift and Damping Analysis

Lecture 24
Piezoresistive Accelerometer Technology

Lecture 25
MEMS Capacitive Accelerometer

Lecture 26
MEMS Capacitive Accelerometer Process

Lecture 27
MEMS Gyro Sensor

Lecture 28
MEMS for Space Application

Lecture 29
Polymer MEMS & Carbon Nanotubes

Lecture 30
Wafer Bonding & Packaging of MEMS

Lecture 31
Interface Electronics for MEMS

Lecture 32
MEMS for Biomedical Applications
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Tear Down

Tear Down

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