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Lecture 1
Introduction to Embedded Systems

Lecture 2
Embedded Hardware

Lecture 3
PIC: Instruction Set

Lecture 4
PIC Peripherals On Chip

Lecture 5
ARM Processor

Lecture 1

Lecture 2
Architecture of Industrial Automation

Lecture 3
Measurement Systems Characteristics

Lecture 11
Introduction to Automatic Control

Lecture 12
PID Control

Lecture 13
PID Control Tuning

Lecture 14
Feedforward Control Ratio Control

Lecture 16
Special Control Structures

Lecture 17
Concluding Lesson on Process Control

Lecture 18
Introduction to Sequence Control, PLC

Lecture 19
Sequence Control: Scan Cycle and Simple RLL Programs

Lecture 20
Sequence Control: More RLL Elements and RLL Syntax

Lecture 21
A Structured Design Approach to Sequence

Lecture 22
PLC Hardware Environment

Lecture 23
Introduction To CNC Machines

Lecture 29
Pneumatic Control Systems (Part 1)

Lecture 30
Pneumatic Control Systems (Part 2)

Lecture 39
Higher Level Automation Systems

Lecture 40
Course Review and Conclusion

Module 3 - Lecture 4
Indirect Adaptive Control of a Robot Manipulator

Module 3 - Lecture 6
Adaptive Neural Control for Affine Systems MIMO

Module 3 - Lecture 9
Direct Adaptive Control of Manipulators

Module 3 - Lecture 10
NN-based Back Stepping Control

Module 4 - Lecture 1
Fuzzy Control - A Review

Module 4 - Lecture 2
Mamdani type FLC and Parameter Optimization

Module 4 - Lecture 3
Fuzzy Control of a pH Reactor

Module 4 - Lecture 4
Fuzzy Lyapunov Controller - Computing with Words

Module 4 - Lecture 5
Controller Design for a T-S Fuzzy Model

Module 4 - Lecture 6
Linear Controllers using T-S Fuzzy Model
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Tear Down

Tear Down

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iPhone 4 design exhibits high reuseiPhone 4 design exhibits high reuse

The new Apple iPhone 4 could very well be called an iPad since it uses at least seven chips from the popular Apple tablet, according to analysts from UBM TechInsights.


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