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9 memory products that shift car apps into high gear

The smarter, connected cars will be evermore hungry for memory to support a wide range of applications, including those that require near-instant boot up. So here's a checklist of recent memory product introductions suitable for automotive use.

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Robots: Spotlight on the hidden face of automation

Recently, Google-parent Alphabet has listed Boston Dynamics for sale, which has been developing robots at the core of its business.

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Google expands free Wi-Fi service to 3 more railway stations

Google and RailTel, the telecom arm of the Indian Railways, have rolled out free Wi-Fi services at three additional stations, bringing the total to 10 areas where it will offer high-speed Internet to a projected 1.5 million passengers.

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Chip suppliers struggle as semiconductor sales drop

IC Insights revealed that eight of the top 10 semiconductor suppliers saw posted annual declines in Q1 sales compared with 1Q15, with several seeing sales fall by 25% or more.


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Move over sapphire! Make way for diamond chips!

Startup Akhan Semiconductor expects to announce a diamond semiconductor IC in a consumer product by next year, which promises to be faster, use less power, and thinner and lighter than silicon.

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Exploring Embedded DisplayPort

DisplayPort is the A/V interface developed and deployed by the personal computer industry through collaboration within VESA, providing display resolutions of 4K and beyond.

  • Prototype to production: A hands-on guide
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    System Performance Optimization for Embedded Devices

    16/05/2016 by Mistral

    Industrial systems typically require data acquisition and processing in real-time. These systems could range from a simple lighting control system to a large distributed control system comprising of sensors/actuators...

    Megavolt tests expose extreme engineering challenges

    29/04/2016 by Bill Schweber

    With all the attention given to low-power design and products, we tend to forget that there's another world out there with power levels that are tens of orders of magnitude greater..

    Incorporating medication delivery into smartphones

    29/04/2016 by Clive Maxfield

    I don’t know about you, but whenever I have to take medications over a period of time, I have a tremendous amount of difficulty remembering if I've taken them or not. Currently,..


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