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Message:      Transcend Portable Hard Drive (StoreJet 100 for Mac) for Macbook
Posted:4 Jun, 2015 3:02 PM

Recently I found my 256 GB Macbook was running out of capacity. When I wanted to buy an external hard drive for storing more music, video and photos, there was a problem: Apple follows different HDD format and I just couldn’t figure out all the formation process and fear that my files might be gone or damaged after the formation.

 Thanks to the Apple premium retail store guy, he recommended Transcend StoreJet 100 for Mac (SJM100), which was pre-formatted with Mac format, so I can just plug and start to use it right away without those difficult formations or installations!  To my surprise, the price of SJM100 is similar to other portable hard drives, and the following is what I found out during my using experience:

This is the package of it: looks very stylish and with good quality! 

01 (2).jpg


Then this is the back of the package box: this product is made in Taiwan, and with 3 years warranty!  

02 (1).jpg

Let’s open it! This is the silver & rugged design which appealed me at the first sight on the Apple retail store! 

03 (1).jpg

On the side of the box it shows that Transcend SJM100 has “3 layers protection” to keep the devices free from shock and scratches. I also found it is approved with “US military grade shock resistance” on its website, so there is no need to worry dropping it accidently!! (What a relief for clumsy person like me

04 (1).jpg

Like what I mentioned, Transcend SJM100 is already pre-formatted (the HFS+format) and compatible with Macbook, and it fully supports Apple “Time Machine” system back up!   This is what my Mac showed when I plugged SJM100 in: 


It comes with a capacity of 2TB which is really sufficient not only for Time Machine backup but for me to save lots of my favourite music and movies!  

06 (1).jpg

Oh! And I’d like to say its USB 3.0 interface is really good with me! The transfer speed of USB 3.0 is 10 times faster than USB2.0. Approximately, the read and write performance were coming in at 131 MB/s read and 130 MB/s write.

Moreover, Transcend SJM100 has “one touch auto back-up” function! Once pressing the button then immediately I can back up my files. There is also free software called Transcend Elite, by which I can set my backup and manage my files.  

07 (1).jpg

After two weeks usage, I really like Transcend SJM100, which is so handy and easy to use. It is designed for Mac, and can be plugged and used directly without complicated formation or installation, and it's also with shock resistance, 2TB big capacity and USB3.0 fast transfer performance!

Highly recommend this useful product SJM100 for Mac users! 

For more information you can visit Transcend official site
Official page http://in.transcend-info.com/Products/No-677


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