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Message:      Transparent QR code makes 'chic' interactive videos
Posted:10 Mar, 2015 9:29 PM

From a simple scan of your mobile camera, in seconds, you may like the product  on social networks,  get a coupon for a purchase or visit the brand’s mobile site.

Possible thanks to the QR code, the idea of scanning the video a few seconds to land on a mobile page was facing (until today) a major problem: the  code to scan  was poorly integrated with the brand’s graphics and it was static. Now, French company Lynkware is doing away with the use of traditional QR codes in favour of a "chic" QR code.

Lynkware's QR Video offers a transparent display, in full colour and merged in the video stream. Both visible and discrete, QR Video merges into the image and creates an immediate connection between the content and the viewer from a single scan.

Learn more about QR Video here.

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