Message:      2TB Portable Hard Drive forMacbook-Transcend StoreJet for Mac
Posted:25 Feb, 2015 0:20 AM

Weeks ago, as I shared Transcend’s expansion card for MacBook (Please refer, I was also looking into the 2TB portable hard drive with thunderbolt interface on Amazon. As you can see, the temptation just overpowered my reason. 

Without a doubt, the expansion card for MacBook is perfect for carrying around, and saving my photos and music. But when it comes to video clips, obviously I need some more space to store my creations.

And this one, 2TB portable hard drive (StoreJet 300 for Mac) seems to be a way out for my great amount of videos! Now, let’s check out the detail.

 The minimalist design for the package.Same as for JetDrive 130.Pure Apple style.

The sleek and stylish metallic case design. Makes it feel pretty solid and sturdy.
It also comes with a bag which can keep StoreJet inside protected. Very nice

The metallic simple look is good match with my MacBook Air...

The StoreJet 300 is equipped with thunderbolt and super speed USB3.0 interfaces, and also came along with both cables for use. Better than other portable Hard Drives, the best part is that it’s pre-formatted in HFS+ and fully supports Time Machine, so I can easily get extra 2TB space without hassle reformatting process.

For some may concern about the read/write speed, you can check the tests which I made below for your reference. Honestly, the thunderbolt speed didn’t really impress me. This was kind of frustrating in the beginning. After a few diggings, I found that the device is under some controller limitations, the thunderbolt interface in most of the accessories on the market can’t fully reach their potential so far. A brutal truth to live with. But overall, I am still satisfied with the fine balance of its space and design. Besides, the speed isn’t really bad though. I can finish the transmission of a 4GB video in about 30 seconds. Fast just not lightning fast.


QuickBench test 4.0

AJA system

Disk Speed test

After a few weeks of use, these 2 new toys are good balance between space and speed to me. The bonus software also helps me keep my photos, music and videos organized and safe.

Let’s check out the final combination again! It’s still difficult to find the JetDriveLite in my MacBook, isn’t it?

As a storage drivenuser, I would like to recommend these two products for Mac fans who are also looking for easy ways to upgrade greater storage.

After using them, I work more productively and efficiently without worrying about the storage problem. For anyone who is also interested, I believe you will be able to find more information on the linkages below.

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