I am a freelance photographer, always need high mobility to bring my MacBook to client's office or coffee shop for work purpose. Recently my Macbook is nearly full with photo files and running out of space again, so an extra eternal hard drive for my Mac is needed! Here’s my first open-box of Transcend StoreJet 100 for Mac.
The product package and its design are in pretty “Mac style,” and the product comes with soft rubber covering giving it an anti-shock feeling. StoreJet 100 for Mac supports USB3.0 transfer speeds, which is much faster than my old one!
It also comes in 2TB storage, so I can keep many of my raw files inside it without any problem.
This is how it looks with my Macbook! As mentioned above, this product is designed for mobility. Transcend even uses U.S. Military-Grade Shock Resistance, 3 layers of shock-proof to make it more endurable and make me feel safe about my important files.
I can directly plug and use it because the default format is set for Apple HFS+, and it also supports Apple Time Machine®.
There’s also an easy button for back-up. Just press the upper right button and connect to Transcend’s own software called Transcend Elite. It can sync files with 1 button, and then you can easily do the backup. I like this function a lot for saving me time and trouble of backing up and arranging my files.
The best part of Transcend StoreJet 100 for Mac is that I don't need to figure out those complicated formating process of any new external hard drive. I can just plug it in and start working. What’s more, it comes with 3 years warranty which I think should be really enough for my usage. If you are looking for a simple yet smart external hard drive for your Mac like me, I strongly recommend this Transcend StoreJet 100 for Mac.