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Unboxing Transcend Drive Pro 220

Posted:  2015-09-17 02:26


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I have been a sports car fan since childhood, especially crazy about cars with great speed and amazing design. I used to have a GoPro for travel recording, but recently I saw Car India magazine report 1 special feature story about Transcend Car Video Recorder and Mercedes-Benz. Considering its design for car use, safety and protection, I bought the flagship Transcend DrivePro220 to replace my GoPro.
01 (6).jpg

Let’s unbox the package: It consists of car video recorder, free 16 GB micro SD card, suction mount and car adaptor.  Compact handy design, which looks nice on windshield next to rear-view mirror, and on the back there is a 2.4" color LCD screen.
When installing it in my car, following the installation video,, it was really easy as there was less wiring.
02 (5).jpg
After the installation, it automatically started when my car engine was on. There is a red button for emergency recording which will be active once the G-sensor senses the unusual movement, and it is a really amazing feature.
When I started using DrivePro 220, I found it has very clear filming quality, good at both day and night. Here are two photos I took from the snapshoot feature, you can see the FullHD recording shows the license plate detail clearly and 130° wide-viewing angel can see the oncoming traffic lane as well. There is also a built-in WDR(Wide Dynamic Range), so in extremely bright and dark areas or in backlight situations, WDR will help to adjust the contrast of the image, that’s why it can record night view well.
04 (5).jpg
Also, emergency recording is the main concern for me, the G-sensor will trigger the recording automatically when car crashes, and the video won't delete unless it is set manually. Hopefully I don’t have to use this feature but it really helps.
Besides the basic recording performance and emergency recording function, let’s take a look at other additional features of DrivePro220.
05 (3).jpg
GPS part is useful to show off!  It can record where I've been and with the DrivePro tool, I can check the date, speed, GPS information on PC. It also has wi-fi feature so that I can check the video from my mobile device and share with friends instantly.
For more safety and protection, DrivePro 220 has  “Forward collision warming system and Speed alarm” function: If you tend to drive too fast like me, the speed alarm could be a little annoying…But again it is a good reminder telling me not to drive too fast or too near to the front car.
To sum up, before buying the Transcend DrivePro220, I have compared it to several brands and the most important thing to me is the video quality and add-on multi functions. The DP220 has many features that others don't have, and the video is really beyond my expectation. Now my Go Pro can retire from my car and can be used in other outdoor activities.

P.S. I checked the information of DrivePro 220, it is made in Taiwan with 3 years warranty. Recommended to those who are considering  buying a dashcam. 

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Vaishali edited at 2015-09-17
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Reply: Unboxing Transcend Drive Pro 220

Posted:  2016-01-23


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I really likeable this sensible new technical school because it makes our journey safer, therefore at the moment I started looking on this kind of product, and located Transcend DrivePro 220, that has won counseled product award from each Britain motor vehicle categorical and high Gear Magazine with sensible video quality, GPS receiver and different valuable functions.
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