Apple MAC computers are a boon for any photographers, a necessity for all the processing, editing, colour correction and cropping. I, personally use my MAC computer exclusively for photograph related work. Now, while dealing with a large number of files that easily cross 200 at one go and that too in RAW formats of 10-20 MB each – storage, backup and restore throws the  biggest challenge.

Transcend, a trusted brand name in the field of storage and memory devices and solutions, seemed to have perfectly understood the need and have come out with a line of portable devices and expansion memory cards exclusively for MAC users and probably photographers like me !

So, when the two products, Transcend 2TB StoreJet 300 and JetDrive Lite 330 (128 GB),  was handed over to me by the courier, I could sense that my days of worry over storage is over.

The white rectangular product box with smart graphics bordering on simplicity, clearly reflects the minimalistic and yet elegant style that is so typically Apple. Definitely a recommendable first impression



Right below was a surprise in the form of a black hard drive cover made with smooth leathery textured anti-slip material.


I could not but appreciate the design and presentation of the box and hard drive. Transcend have thought of it all.

Plugging in the Thunderbolt interface cable

The portable drive comes with two interfaces or ports for connectivity, one with SuperSpeed (SS) USB 3.0 (indicated by SS with USB symbol) and the other by using Thunderbolt.

E-StoreJet-Ports.jpgAlmost immediately, a reassuring small but bright neon blue light lit up at the top centre of the hard drive indicating that the connection is successfully made. The MACBook Pro recognised the hard drive, as the orange device  icon came up on the desktop. I was promoted with the following “Do you want to use Transcend (2 TB) to backup with Time Machine ?” with the familiar three options namely “Decide Later” “Don’t Use” and “Use as Backup Disk”

The drive comes pre-formatted in HFS+ and fully supports Time Machine. Truly 

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