I am constantly working on notebook, tablets and Smartphone all the time as it is the need of my job. Whenever I visit my clients and give presentations, I have to carry many documents like video, audio, PPTs, but what troubles me the most is when it comes to transferring documents from one device to another, different transferring cables messy around, slow Bluetooth or unstable Wi-Fi transfer speed, Oh! You can image how painful it is!
 A solution which can store my data and transfer it easily between different devices is what I needed. After researching on the net, OTG (On-the–go) JetFlash seemed to be a good choice, and concerning user’s reviews and C/P values, I decided to give Transcend OTG JetFlash 380-32g a try!
JetFlash 380 comes in silver and golden colour, and I bought the golden one.  It is well designed: I like its sleek, stylish metal look, so classy and suitable to carry around to my meetings and conferences.
About its usage and performance:
This is my first time to use Transcend OTG Flash Drive, out of my expectation, it is really easy to use and transfer data. There are two USB accesses, both Micro USB on one side and normal full-size USB on the other side, so I can transfer music, files from my notebook to tablet or smart phone without any cable.
Besides, I must say it is designed with great quality!  My colleague accidentally split coffee on it one day, we were scared that report has gone, but surprisingly, everything was fine, and it worked well as usual. According to Transcend’s website, the use of innovative COB (Chip on Board) engineering ensures the product to completely resist dust and water!  I do appreciate this feature!
It also comes with software and application “Transcend Elite” for both PC and mobile devices, with this software, I can easily share files between different storage devices, and quickly backup important documents of mine.  But it seemed to be only compatible with Android system, so before using this OTG you should check the compatibility first.
So for those who always suffer from the storage shortage or file transfer problems of mobile devices, and for whom don’t want to spend more money on higher capacity Smartphone or tablets like me, I suggest you should definitely have an OTG Jetflash! (8 GB tablet+32GB OTG is much cheaper than 16GB tablet!)
It’s not just cost efficient, the transfer speed of OTG JF380 is much faster than Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. More importantly, you will be free from messy cables, and make all the data and information easily on-the-go!  
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