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2 supercomputers from Pune in world's fastest 100

Posted:  2013-06-22


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India's four supercomputers have been placed in the top 100 in the list of 500 fastest supercomputers in the world. Out of the four, two supercomputers are from Pune. While the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM) supercomputer stands 36th in the list, ParamYuva II, developed by the Centre for Development of Advanced computing (C-DAC) has bagged the 69th position. The IITM supercomputer is yet to be installed while the Param Yuva II became operational from February 8, 213.
China's MilkyWay-2 has been named world's fastest supercomputer.
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Reply: 2 supercomputers from Pune in world's fastest 100

Posted:  2014-08-01 05:37


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It is a surprising to hear that Rajat Moona is satisfied that we have two computers in the top 500. The C-DAC web site prominently says that PARAM is in 69th place. Do we really expect such low performance from our vigyans? He then says that we had 10 computers in the top 500!!! He should expand to the top 50000 and say that every computer in the nation is TOP. The deseise of low expectations seems to exit all over the government, and we will meet those low exepctations when we invite to "top" 500 universities in the world to set up shop in India. If we have leaders who brag about mediocraty we are doomed. For goodness sake encourage private industry to invest in the IT and Supercomputing sectors. We are far to dependent of foreigners for everything that a modern technological society depends on. Get the GOI out of "production" and restrict it to research.
Sheena Bajaj
sheena79 edited at 2014-08-01
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Reply: 2 supercomputers from Pune in world's fastest 100 Posted:  2015-05-27


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well done,really surprising to hear that
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