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Cosmic Circuits is hiring engineers!

Posted:  2012-08-29 04:20


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Bangalore-based Cosmic Circuits is hiring in the areas of applications engineering, analog /digital design to fill engineering and engineering-management positions.

Cosmic Circuits’ IP business is targeted towards offering AMS (Analog and Mixed-Signal) and Connectivity IPs for SoC integration. The company has over 500 IP cores in its portfolio. While the company's IC business unit has five products (ASICs) in mass-production and plans to have additional products in the market by the end of the year.

Those interested in a career with Cosmic can visit:
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Reply: Cosmic Circuits is hiring engineers!

Posted:  2013-04-16

Author:Visitor 8814

Is there any internship criteria for the 3rd year students of 6th semester in the field of IP Designer in VHD Language as I have done projects on Traffic_light Control and Character Recognition.
And am I your recruitment requirements?
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