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MTech programme in IT for undergraduates

Posted:  2012-01-19 02:21


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Apart from offering postgraduate programmes, International Institute of Information Technology-Bangalore (IIIT-B) is offering five-year MTech programme in information technology (IT) for XIIth passed students.

The programme will offer dual degree – Btech and MTech.

IIIT-B will initiate an MTech programme for students who passed Class XII. The five-year programme will offer a dual degree - BTech and MTech in IT. IIIT-B's new initiative comes soon after Indian Institute of Science opened its doors to undergraduates last year.

The curriculum will be broad-based, which will include humanities, social science, biological science, management studies and English. This is apart from the core IT programmes in various domains and the range of electives available. The final year will be for research.

Admission will be based on All-India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE) ranks; and also the candidates must not have attained 22 years as on August 2012.

Students, who have had mathematics as their subject, have to apply online. The application process has already been started.

The course fee is Rs 75,000 per semester and hostel fee is Rs 36,000 a year. Boarding costs are Rs 3,000 per month.

About 60 students will be admitted for the course.

Check for more information:
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Reply: MTech programme in IT for undergraduates

Posted:  2012-09-21

Author:Visitor 4766

Can i do online mba degree after completing M.Tech...
Thanks in Advance!!
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Reply: MTech programme in IT for undergraduates Posted:  2012-10-18


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Doing Master degree by regular is good and it will increases the proximity to get in to a high designation try to be avoid doing MBA online. All the best.
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