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Sankhya Embedded Systems Architecture Contest 2013

Posted:  2012-09-19


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Sankhya Technologies has announced the launch of Sankhya Embedded Systems Architecture Contest 2013 (SESA 2013).
Focus areas for SESA 2013 include processor and system architectures for high performance computing, supercomputing, audio and video processing, security processing, automotive electronics, digital cameras, tablet computers, cable set top boxes, wireless computing and other adjacent areas - with an emphasis on creating specialized processors leading to efficient, high performance, low power and low cost devices.
By allowing students to define their own challenge area, SESA aims to unleash the passion amongst the post graduate engineering students to solve a problem of their choice using technology. Contestants will receive a free 180 day license to Sankhya Teraptor once they sign a participation agreement. This unique design platform from Sankhya Technologies allows participants to model processor architectures using Teraptor SMDL, and achieve accelerated product development using the meta-model driven design flow powered by Sankhya Teraptor.
Based on the feedback from the participants of SESA 2011, this edition of SESA incorporates a schedule that offers extra time for participants to plan and complete their project submissions.
Winners and select participants will have the option to incubate their ideas into successful business ventures at The System Level Design Center, Sankhya Rishikonda Development Facility, Visakhapatnam, India. 
Recently, there has been a signficant thrust on promoting electronics manufacturing in India by the central and state governments. A key problem in the current ecosystem is the absence of a  large number of electronic design companies, which can act as catalysts for the growth of the ESDM industry.  Through contests like SESA, Sankhya Technologies is creating awareness about the importance of the ESDM industry in the post graduate engineering student community. In addition, SESA is intended to act as a platform to encourage and enable students to take up serious bleeding-edge design projects that can potentially make a huge difference to India's electronics design and manufacturing industry.
For additional information, contact
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EETimes India : Trends affecting automotive RF system tests

Reply: Sankhya Embedded Systems Architecture Contest 2013

Posted:  2012-09-25


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will the heaters concepts gets involved with the embedded systems...
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EETimes India : Hybrid PLC, LoRa modem geared for smart grid, IoT markets
Reply: Sankhya Embedded Systems Architecture Contest 2013 Posted:  2012-09-29 02:45


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hello frnds 
how are u all 
i would like to introduced one website where u can get any thing
daink bhasker
harry317 edited at 2012-09-29
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